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​L.A. High Spirits Awards Crowns Sweet Justice with Three Awards

​L.A. High Spirits Awards Crowns Sweet Justice with Three Awards

Posted by Sweet Justice on 8th Jul 2024

The Results Are In, And The Judges Loved Them!

Recognition from your peers is one of the most satisfactory feelings and cements the fact that the work you’ve been doing is paying dividends. Not only is it recognition that a product you spent thousands of hours developing is truly top-notch but it’s nice to know that other cannabis enthusiasts love your drinks as much as you do.

Sweet Justice recently won three prestigious awards at the inaugural L.A. High Spirits Awards, which celebrate excellence in THC-infused beverages. The company’s Cherry Cola and Lemon Ginger Ale both earned Gold Medals, while O.G. Cola received a Silver Medal. The judges praised the Cherry Cola for its blend of classic cola and sun-ripened cherries, and the Lemon Ginger Ale stood out for its refreshing combination of zesty lemon and ginger. The O.G. Cola impressed with its mix of sarsaparilla, vanilla, caramel, and cardamom. These accolades highlight Sweet Justice's commitment to creating top-quality, enjoyable cannabis-infused drinks.

What Are the L.A. High Spirits Awards?

The L.A. High Spirits Awards are the first-ever competition exclusively for THC-infused and cannabinoid-infused beverages. Its goal is to recognize and reward excellence in the fast-growing cannabis-infused beverage industry. With so many exciting and delicious new cannabis-infused drinks hitting the market, they wanted to reward those companies at the pinnacle of flavor and quality.

Open to all cannabis-infused beverages, which are legally sold in California, and hemp-infused beverages from across the United States, competition was always going to be fierce, but we knew that our range of THC-infused drinks was more than ready to face the challenge.

You can check out the complete list of L.A. High Spirits Awards entrants and awards by downloading theResults Catalog.

What Did the Judges Think of Our Three Drinks, Cherry Cola, Lemon Ginger Ale, and O.G. Cola?

We entered our Cherry Cola, Lemon Ginger Ale, and O.G. Cola in the Best Infused Soda Category, and all three drinks were a huge success.

First up was our delicious Cherry Cola, which took out the Gold Medal and is infused with 10mg of hemp-derived THC. Combining the classic flavor of an old-school cola with refreshing sun-ripened cherries, our Cherry Cola is the perfect way to relax with friends or unwind after a long day.

Another Gold Medal was added to our growing list of accomplishments thanks to the refreshing and distinct flavor of Lemon Ginger Ale. Our Lemon Ginger Ale is a refreshing twist on a timeless classic. It boasts 5mg of hemp-derived THC, making it the perfect introduction to cannabis-infused drinks for beginners or the ideal way to pre-game your next social event. You’ll experience the zing and gentle sweetness of ginger, which is elevated by the zesty citrus notes of lemon.

Our final entry was the old-school classic, O.G. Cola, taking out the Silver Medal with its refreshing blend of tradition and innovation. Boasting 5mg of hemp-infused THC, O.G. Cola is the perfect blend of sarsaparilla, vanilla, caramel, and cardamom and is sure to get your taste buds tingling.

L.A. High Spirits Awards and Sweet Justice | Conclusion

Thanks to the massive amount of time our dedicated team invests in every single one of our drinks, creating delicious hemp-infused THC drinks that tick all the boxes, we’re sure that the excellent results from the L.A. High Spirits Awards will be just the first of many awards and accolades.

At Sweet Justice, we’re not only proud of our team and their hard work but also incredibly proud of the delicious range of drinks we’ve released and the exciting new flavors on the way, including the recently released Pacific Island Punch and Elderberry Pom.

Sweet Justice is more than just another drink; it’s a movement towards a more intelligent, conscious celebration of life. Sweet Justice’s THC-infused beverages are best enjoyed chilled, with good friends, and during good times!

By choosing our carefully crafted, hemp-derived THC products, you’re opting for a way to enjoy your social life fully while maintaining your well-being. And if you sign up for our mailing list, you’ll receive a 20% off coupon for your first online order, and the convenience of having Sweet Justice delivered directly to your door, ensuring your celebrations are always memorable and refreshingly different.