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Cannabis and Creativity: How THC Can Spark Inspiration

Cannabis and Creativity: How THC Can Spark Inspiration

Posted by Sweet Justice on 21st Feb 2024

It’s time to explore the relationship between cannabis and creativity!

For centuries now, cannabis has held a revered position within the creative community as a natural source of inspiration. Cannabis has deep connections to many ancient religious ceremonies and groups as a tool used to unlock spiritual enlightenment and deeper understanding.

Music legends such as Jimi Hendrix and entrepreneurs like Ted Turner credit a lot of the imaginative success in life to cannabis. Even Apple legend Steve Job said that cannabis use made him feel “relaxed and creative” when he tried it in the 1970s.

Now, with over 48% of Americans living in a jurisdiction with access to legal marijuana and a variety of THC-infused products, including Sweet Justice THC-infused drinks, it’s making cannabis more accessible. It allows more people who are interested in exploring cannabis and its potential to unlock their creativity.

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Cannabis and Its Relationship to Creativity

If cannabis and creativity updated their relationship status, it would undeniably be labeled on social media as ‘it’s complicated’ and with good reason. While some people, such as actor Seth Rogan, stand behind cannabis and creativity, “That’s why I smoke weed. It’s additive to my journey. It makes getting from here to there manageable and comfortable.

But is cannabis getting us high enough to believe that it’s elevating our creativity and the work we’re producing is more creative, or is it just getting us high? It’s an important question, and there are a variety of answers.

It’s hard to imagine Jimi Hendrix or Seth Rogan without cannabis, but cannabis affects each person differently. For some people, cannabis unlocks their creativity, allowing them to break through barriers, but for others, it can cloud their thinking or make them less motivated. However, learning about different cannabis strains and their effects on you will allow you to better navigate the effects of cannabis and, in particular, how you personally react to different cannabis strains.

It’s time that we all moved past the old cannabis stereotypes of stoners on couches and embraced the true potential of cannabis to spark creativity instead of inhibiting your productivity.

What Does the Science Behind Cannabis and Creativity Tell Us?

How we measure creativity is through how many different solutions a person can come up with to a specific problem. It’s known as divergent thinking. It’s not the easiest measurement to quantify.

Gráinne Schafer is one of the world’s leading researchers on divergent thinking. Shafer created a test to try and determine the relationship between cannabis and its effect on divergent thinking. A group of subjects was divided into two based on their verbal fluency skills. Both groups then used cannabis for a week and were retested.

After a week, the low creativity group found that their verbal fluency scores rose almost to the same level as the high creativity group. In contrast, the high creativity group saw no perceivable increase in scores.

The research showed that while cannabis had a significant impact on people who didn’t consider themselves very creative, it didn’t elevate those who already considered themselves creative. However, cannabis use didn’t lower their creativity either.

It’s Up to You

How you use cannabis and its effects is a personal journey. There are various factors that will all contribute to how you react to cannabis and its effects on you, including your tolerance, weight, age, sex, metabolism, and even what you’ve eaten or drank at the time.

If you’re new to cannabis use, the old saying, ‘low and slow,’ which means start with a low dosage and take it slowly, is still the best way to better understand your tolerance level and how your body will process cannabis.

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