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OG Cola 4-Pack

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High Spirit Awards Silver
OG Cola Hemp-Infused Beverage — Enjoy a crisp, classic cola that’s always high on taste! Lifted up with a twist of 5mg of THC and fewer calories than traditional colas.
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Introducing Sweet Justice's OG Cola—a refreshing homage to tradition fused with a twist of innovation! Savor the rich blend of Mexican cola-inspired flavors, featuring notes of vanilla, caramel, sarsaparilla, and a hint of cardamom. Crafted with natural cane sugar and only 1/3 fewer calories compared to your traditional Coke or Pepsi, yet always high on taste for the discerning palate.

Each serving contains 5mg of fast-acting, hemp-derived THC to allow each drinker to find their sweet spot by moderating the amount and pace of refreshment. Embrace the new age of soda with our hemp-infused beverage — OG Cola.